Chattanooga Valley Middle School
is located just 5 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee and displays one of the most beautiful campuses in the county as it sits at the foot of Lookout Mountain.

Hour of Code
December 4-10, 2017

6th Grade Computer Science Classes- Day 1/2
Programming Drones!

7th Grade Computer Science
Building Webpages using Hypertext Markup Language (html)

What is CVMS doing to participate?

During the Hour of Code week students enrolled in the Computer Science classes at Chattanooga Valley Middle School will be learning to code using drones, robots, and hypertext markup language (html).
Students will be programming drones to successfully maneuver through an obstacle course as well as other programming challenges.  In addition to coding students will use problem-solving skills, communication skills, and mathematics to complete the task. Older students will be using robots (Ozobots & Spheros) to complete similar programming challenges.
Other students will be learning and creating their own basic webpage using html code.  Student webpages will contain basic elements such as text formatting, images, links, tables, and other important tags.


Monday 3:30-4:30pm
Tuesday 3:30-4:30pm
Thursday 3:30-4:30pm
WEDNESDAY 7:00-7:30am


Students witness an event of a lifetime!


CVMS is now on  @CVMSeagles


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Incredible view of Lookout Mountain and CVMS If you look carefully you can see our Mascot (Eagles) flying in front of the bluff.


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