Chattanooga Valley Middle School is located just 5 miles south of Chattanooga, Tennessee and displays one of the most beautiful campuses in the county as it sits at the foot of Lookout Mountain.


Take a moment and test out our student created video games. 

Did you know that CVMS is the only middle school in Walker County that offers 8th grade
students up to seven high school courses?

Agriculture, Band, Health, Introduction to Digital Technology, Math, Science, & Physical Education


CVMS Media Center online


CVMS is now on  @CVMSeagles


The complete list of free things and grants for kids with special needs

Incredible view of Lookout Mountain and CVMS If you look carefully you can see our Mascot (Eagles) flying in front of the bluff.


Mr. Hayes and his wife recently went to Alaska.  They wanted to share this video with everyone.
It’s a flock of birds.  It’s a flock of  BALD EAGLES!

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